Property Management Services

Tenant Retention

High occupancy levels and tenant retention are key to maximizing property revenue. As your property manager, we can manage all aspects of tenant acquisition and retention. Finding suitable tenants is important but keeping them over time is often the greatest challenge. We have developed a comprehensive, proven approach to successful tenant acquisition and retention.

We are focused on attracting and keeping high quality tenants by providing exceptional customer service. For us, customer service entails not only dialogue with our tenants to understand their evolving needs; it also means consistent communication and most importantly delivering on service commitments.

Property Leasing

We handle all aspects of lease management. We coordinate various initiatives to promote and market a property through various media. From tenant screening to rent collection and rent negotiations, we will make every effort to find the right tenant for your property and take all necessary actions to retain them over time. We negotiate leases and proactively follow up on lease terms and conditions, including renewals and increases.

Our commitment is to have all required property and unit renovation details completed on time, as we believe that a tenant who is happy on the first day will remain a happy tenant for the term of the lease and will continue to renew.

As a result of our commitment to these efforts, we have consistently produced very high occupancy rates.

Property Maintenance and Prevention

We are always available for service calls and remain committed to executing with urgency. This includes managing day-to-day maintenance, tenant complaints and emergencies as well as upgrades and improvements. We develop and manage successful strategies for day-to-day maintenance, preventative maintenance and preservation of your property.

In an effort to reduce costs, we have conducted several projects to increase efficiencies for our clients. Among them, we have spent time studying energy efficiency and we research and implement innovative technologies. Notably, we have pioneered a thermal cycling project, which has led to significant savings for property owners.

In order to ensure high quality and timely maintenance, we create processes and procedures for each client's property in addition to sourcing and coordinating trades people including structure, architecture, mechanical, plumbing, electricity, HVAC, insulation, interior and exterior finishing.

We are qualified to manage intelligent buildings, read plans and apply the building code.

We also manage the procurement of equipment, furnishings and systems.

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