Investor Consulting

Real Estate Investment

For nearly four decades, Tavicorp has helped both local and international investors with real estate investment decisions across the Greater Montreal Area. We provide management and advisory services for the purchase, sale and leasing process for major, small and niche properties. We have a deep understanding of the local market as well as client needs, and so we are able to find the right investment properties that to create long-term value for owners.

We represent clients throughout the entire purchase and sale transaction including planning, negotiations, due diligence, bids and offers. We will conduct a due diligence process prior to a property transaction in order to minimize risk and verify data relating to structure, building code conformity, leases, vacancies, legal proceedings, and financing.

Real Estate Project Management

We represent owners during negotiation, planning and project completion. We are experienced leading large and small construction projects, from planning to selling, including concept development, obtaining permits, scheduling, meetings (with owners, architects, engineers, designers, notaries, manufacturers, and government authorities), coordinating calls for tenders, sourcing and selecting suppliers, manufacturers, trades, and contractors, as well as coordinating site meetings.

We provide advisory services for any problems or projects in all aspects of real estate for your properties.

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